Milwaukee teacher residency requirement pulled from budget

    The co-chairs of the Legislature’s budget committee have pulled a series of policy items from Gov. Scott Walker’s budget, including a provision calling for the end of the residency requirement for Milwaukee teachers.
    Altogether, there are 21 policy provisions being dropped from the budget as the Joint Finance Committee prepares to begin executive sessions on the proposal next week.
    Other education-related items being pulled include a repeal of current law that says the period of teaching service for Milwaukee Public Schools cannot exceed 200 days, including legal holidays and educational convention days on which the schools are closed.
    A provision related to the licensure of independent charter school teachers was also pulled, along with provisions to end the requirement that schools have a reading specialist.
    JFC Co-chairs Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) and Robin Vos (R-Rochester) say those provisions should be considered in standalone legislation.
    See the memo:

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