Milwaukee startup launches new hunting app ahead of gun deer season

App to streamline deer meat ordering, processing

A beta version of the Field to Freezer app shows how orders will eventually be handled between hunters and processors. Photo Courtesy of Matt McCoy.

Last updated on November 2nd, 2021 at 05:18 pm

Milwaukee-based hunting startup Field to Freezer LLC is launching a new app with search tools that allow hunters to find nearby deer meat processors with ease, the company announced Monday.

Field to Freezer was recently established by entrepreneur Matt McCoy, who also owns Brookfield web development firm Lanex LLC. The startup is currently participating in gener8tor’s gBETA Milwaukee startup accelerator program.

Hunters looking to have deer meat processed can use the app’s database of 1,500 meat processors across the country to find a processor that matches their needs.

“We want it to be a great tool for meat processors and hunters and so, we really think there’s an opportunity here,” McCoy said.

McCoy built the app after he discovered there was a need to streamline the deer harvesting and ordering process, teaching and giving tips to hunters who wonder how much meat do you get from a deer. In McCoy’s experience, he had difficulty finding a processor after harvesting a deer, especially since many processors do not have websites, he said.

McCoy added that even when hunters find a processor, it’s not always clear what kind of products are offered, or how much they will cost. Without a website or a streamlined process, it can be challenging to determine which business will be the best fit in the limited time a hunter has to safely transport the animal, he said.

“I frequently waited in line at processors for hours,” McCoy said. “On top of that, sometimes I would get to the front of the line and find the processor did not carry the meat products I was interested in, or I was unsure of what quantity to order of a particular product.”

In addition to search tools, Field to Freezer will eventually handle orders for meat processors interested in participating in the app’s “Express Line” feature. This means a more simplified ordering/pick-up method using QR codes for both processors and customers, McCoy said.

“We expect processors to save time and money in staffing through more efficient receiving as well as automated follow-up through voice call, text message and email as orders are completed,” McCoy said.

In 2020, Field to Freezer plans to add more features to its platform including chronic wasting disease testing, deer donation locations and additional processor information.

“Some states are implementing restrictions on how deer are processed to account for CWD so we expect search capabilities to become more important as hunters look for places to have their game processed,” McCoy said.

While the company will initially focus on deer hunting, Field to Freezer expects to expand to other game animals with the large market of hog and boar hunting in the southern United States being the next logical step.

Field to Freezer founder Matt McCoy and his son Max McCoy, Field to Freezer lead developer.
Photo Courtesy of Matt McCoy.

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