Midwest Precision Molding

2022 Future 50 Winner

The Midwest Precision Molding team
The Midwest Precision Molding team

Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 03:12 pm

Lake Geneva  |  Founded: 1978
Industry: Plastics
Employees: 90  |  Sales: $12 million (2022 projected)

Midwest Precision Molding provides plastic injection molding, assembly operations, insert molding and custom engineering.

What factors have contributed the most to your growth in the past three years?

Larry Austin, chief executive officer: “Over the past three years, we have seen increased demand for many of the parts that we produce for food service, medical and water filtration companies, linear actuator components, custom bobbins and plastic gears. Many MPM customers have been converting metal parts into plastic parts to take advantage of a significant cost savings.”

What are the biggest obstacles to your company’s continued growth?

“Recession and inflation. We see strong demand through the remainder of 2022, but only time will tell what 2023 will bring.”

What one thing would you change to make Milwaukee/southeastern Wisconsin better?

“Focus on sourcing though local supply chain companies first. We need to develop ways of marketing and supplying our local manufactures with the parts they need before they source them out of state.”

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