Made in the USA is cool again

Millions of U.S. jobs have been lost due to American businesses seeking lower cost alternatives to manufacture their goods in other countries. I understand the importance of allowing free trade, but this has gone way too far. Our economy has suffered greatly from it. As a businessman in the Milwaukee market, I want to do all I can to help, and that starts with pursuing ‘buy American’.

I own a Gutterglove dealership where I install American-made gutter covers. I could be selling other similar gutter covers, but they are made in China. Buying American fosters independence and would help other countries to look internally rather than being dependent on us.

The message I’m trying to send here is for building contractors to be more selective in their construction material purchases. They should buy American made components where all possible. Wisconsin homeowners and U.S. manufacturers will appreciate it, and our overall economy will benefit from it, I guarantee it.

I’ve noticed that homeowners respond in a very positive way when I tell them I only use American-made gutter covers. When more people are buying American, more jobs will be created, our economy will be stimulated and more taxes paid to our government. Some people argue that American-made products are more expensive, but they are missing the big picture because the money is staying here and not going to another country.

Gutterglove is designed to keep leaves and pine needles out of your roof gutters. With every 1,000 feet I install locally, it keeps a U.S. manufacturing worker employed for one month and infuses $2,500 back into the American economy. The Gutterglove company sells millions of feet a year. That’s a great feeling to have. I’m hoping statistics like these will encourage homeowners to make sure that any home improvements they get done, they will require the contractor to supply American-made components.

If you are a contractor, you can even look for U.S.-made tools for doing your installations.

It has never been a surprise to me, the number of people who ask where Gutterglove is made. I can hold my head up high and tell them it’s manufactured right here in the United States of America!

Then there is the moral issue that other countries illegally use child labor to make U.S. products. It is hard for me to close my eyes to this. America has laws in place to protect our youth from such misuse. Buying American assures me this isn’t happening with Made in USA products.

Matt Steiner is the owner and founder of River’s Rain Gutters in Hartland.

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