M.E. Dey & Co. Inc.

2022 Future 50 Winner

(Left to right): Sandi Siegel, Leah Gardenier and Sarah Azar
(Left to right): Sandi Siegel, Leah Gardenier and Sarah Azar

Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 03:11 pm

Milwaukee  |  Founded: 1907
Industry: Logistics
Employees: 70  |  Sales: $11.5 million (2022 projected)

M.E. Dey & Co. offers a full range of logistics services, including customs brokerage, trade compliance and international freight forwarding.

What factors have contributed the most to your growth in the past three years?

Sandi Siegel, president: “Our industry has faced enormous challenges as a result of political and economic stress. Those of us involved in international trade during the major disruptions in supply chain were forced to find creative ways to remain competitive and support our customers. We looked at our core services and strategically realigned our pricing model and service package. We focused on our key, long-term customers to help them manage their business disruptions and spent less time trying to attract any new business or develop new services. Working closely with our key customers was vital for all of us to withstand the uncertainty in the supply chain and the economy.”

What are the biggest obstacles to your company’s continued growth?

“The continued disrupted supply chain issues, which require long-term efforts and improvements in infrastructure as well as regulatory change. There has not been enough reform to control the large ocean carriers and rail terminals that are passing on egregious fees to the importers and shippers.”

What one thing would you change to make Milwaukee/southeastern Wisconsin better?

“Work on ways to improve the diversity.”

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