Krueger Communications, Inc.

    Krueger Communications, Inc.

    Address: 12515 Knoll Road, Elm Grove

    Year founded: 1959

    Product or service offered: At Krueger Communications, we simplify complex communication for our clients. We have expertise in all facets of communication systems: network, telecom/HD camera surveillance, IT, and carrier; and we know how they all work together. That means Krueger is your one source for complete, professional communication system design and integration.

    Projected 2014 revenue: $4 million

    President: Al Krueger Sr.

    Other key members of the leadership team: Allen Krueger Jr., executive vice president

    Target clientele: We focus on clients who have multiple locations, with user counts ranging from 50 to 250 users, and organizations with a single location but a need for remote user integration.

    Business organization memberships: Wisconsin Association of Legal Administrators, Better Business Bureau, MMAC, and various local chambers

    What has fueled your company’s growth? “First, we want to thank every one of our customers and all of our partners we work with today. Through our growing network of business relationships, we are able to continue to do great things for every one of our clients. Of course, like any small business it comes down to the team and a sound strategy. At Krueger, we continued to innovate our internal systems and processes to ensure we can create a unique competitive advantage for our customers in all areas of technology. “

    What is the biggest obstacle to your company’s growth? “The largest obstacle our company faces is online retailers. Online retailers are out there pushing CLOUD systems and offerings from telecom to IT. Since its so new, there isnt much information out there positive or negative to help businesses understand what direction they should go. For this reason, Krueger has continued to help educate clients on when CLOUD is right and how Krueger Cloud offerings can help deliver the ideal hybrid approach for most businesses.”

    Do you plan to make any changes in your company in the coming months? “Krueger is currently taking applications for new team members ranging from sales professionals, to IT or telecom engineers. As we continue to narrow our internal business strategy and process, we can now begin to look closely at maximizing our size in each divisional area. We have added new team members in 2014 and plan for more in 2015. Krueger has continued our market research locally and regionally to uncover new opportunities to expand our message and service level to more customers. It is in the strategy and plans to expand regionally in the next one to two years.”

    Who are the business people, locally or nationally, whom you admire? And what traits do those people exhibit that make you admire them? “First, Douglas C. Stelz was my grandfather and a born entrepreneur. He was a leader within a midsized Wisconsin business, he had his own construction company, Real Estate Company, he was in Congress and was even an auctioneer. His ability to read people, understand a buyer and know various types of business was remarkable. Second, My father Al Krueger Sr. is another local business professional I greatly admire. He began our family firm at about 17 years old as a TV and radio repair shop. His ability to always find answers and fix problems was extremely unique. Most would call him a survivor as he would never quit or be beat. I greatly respect his willingness to deliver what he promises and always ensure honesty comes first. Kevin Donnell, who is currently the president of First Weber, has been a great influence in my professional career. For years, I have had the privilege to observe his management style, his ability to break down financial decisions and lead a large Wisconsin business to various stages in growth. He truly has the gift to lead and it is amazing to be around when the opportunity arises. Fourth, Vincent Hrenek, who is vice president of Raytheon Supply Chain Systems, which is a global business. I have had the privilege to be around Vince as he led discussions, negotiated deals and led people.

    What is the outlook for the business conditions of your industry over the next several months? The technology sector is continuing to grow year after year. For Krueger, and our primary Southeast Wisconsin market, we see nothing but positive growth for the technology industry. Many trends lead the way for this positive change and the concept of CLOUD is one of them. We will continue to see phone and internet providers fight over pricing as they continue to sell their commodity to local businesses. “

    What is your company’s most important growth strategy right now? For Krueger, our most important growth strategy right now is to continue to bring in the right people to the team and expand our current processes. We have all the systems in place and, thankfully, a great list of customers to date, which means we are able to look at eagerly adding additional customers. We look forward to increasing the size of our team, which will naturally mean additional customers along the way.”

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