John McCain is our Man



“He, number one, will not raise taxes and is going to continue the tax cuts enacted by the current administration. That’s important. Obama has said that he will raise taxes, and sending more money to Washington is a real serious problem. He (McCain) also seems to be more proactive on the energy issue with regard to trying to keep energy prices lower by looking at the options of drilling and (new) nuclear (power plants). Obama has taken that off the table. I do think that if the elected president will raise taxes while we’re still in a down economy, it will have very serious ramifications on business. When we’re trying to work through a down economy, and if we have to pay more taxes, it can have a devastating effect on the economy.”

– James Barry III, CEO, Colliers Barry, Milwaukee

“I’m looking for someone who will be more of a fiscal hawk, someone who will control spending and who is going to not necessarily lower taxes but will be extremely cautions with our tax policy. I believe that any tax increases, especially on small businesses, would harm our overall economy.

“When you compare the two from a small business perspective, McCain’s platform is the right one. He’s got a good track record of doing what he says he will do in the future. Obama’s (platform) would increase taxes on small businesses over the $250,000 mark and would provide what I would call insignificant tax breaks to small startups for capital gains. It’s almost laughable.”

– Brian Paulin, president, Engine Power Inc., Oconomowoc

“I like McCain’s program – he has the experience in government to know what he’s doing in these troubled times. I think he is right on his policy of not tampering with the so-called Bush tax cuts, particularly in this time when we need business expansion. He would not be for tax increases. He makes that clear.”

– Don Taylor, vice president, Waukesha State Bank and longtime chair of the Republican Party of Waukesha County.

“I believe (McCain) is a reformer and more of an independent thinker as far as crossing party lines whenever it is the right thing to do in his mind. And I think he’s right in line with his tax philosophy. I’m scared that Obama and a Democratic Congress with change (the tax levels). I don’t think they understand and know what they’re doing. With (McCain) there is a much more sane approach to things that will help the country much more.”

– Bob Schuemann, vice president, Signicast, Hartford

“I have met him and made his acquaintance. I admire his honesty, integrity, leadership and his ability to separate politics with the right thing to do in the situation. When it comes to the economy or any other issue, John McCain has the only record of looking out for people and having any leadership. In times of crisis like we have now, we need someone with a proven record of looking for people and leadership. He knows where the problems (with Wall Street and the economy) rest and we need to put him in a position where he can solve these problems.”

– Bradley Page, shareholder and attorney with Davis & Kuelthau, Milwaukee

“His position is that he wants to better control government spending in order to keep taxes down, that’s a fundamental principle that he espouses. Generally speaking, when that is accomplished, that is better for businesses. He has been in the Senate for a long time and has dealt with the ups and downs of the economy over time. He has more experience than Obama does, just because he’s been through it.

“There is a movement afoot by Obama to increase taxes for people who earn more than ($250,000). Those are the people who are most likely to invest in businesses and employ people. Don’t assume that taxing them makes things better. You’re taking away the ability to invest in the economy that creates jobs.”

– Gus Taylor, senior managing director, Facilitator Capital Fund, Milwaukee

“Congress is now focusing on the $700 billion bailout (proposal) and they’re already bailing on it to get their pet projects. More than anything else, McCain is trying to eliminate that kind of thing. One of the things that’s going to need to happen is that spending will need to be reduced. It’s out of control. I support him because I think he’s got a better chance of getting this (philosophy) in. The other side is in favor of raising taxes and increasing taxes as a way of reducing the budget deficit and improving the economy, fundamentally I don’t believe that.”

– John Schwab, partner, Wipfli LLP, Milwaukee

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