IQ Winner: Perfect Cross LLC

Perfect Cross LLC

W332 N6011 County Road C, Nashotah

Industry: Health care

Innovation: RapidForce Kinetic Performance Systems, shortening the gap in adhesive muscle support products

When Jennifer Smith tore her knee in a ski accident in 2007, the former collegiate softball player thought she had the tools to nurse the injury on her own. She began with a knee brace, which offered strong support but zero flexibility. Then she moved onto athletic tape, but the lack of support put her at risk of re-injury.

After purchasing several types of braces, Smith realized the market lacked an “in-between,” solution for an injury like hers.

“I thought: ‘We need to re-invent this,'” Smith said. “I wanted to find something that wasn’t uncomfortable, but offered flexibility and support.”

Smith and her husband, Jeff, met a chiropractor who saw the same problem in the market. He had a series of drawings and a prototype of a product. Sensing an opportunity, the Smiths purchased the chiropractor’s ideas, sought out investors and began developing the product for market under the company Perfect Cross LLC.

Last year, the Smiths released RapidForce Kinetic Performance Systems, a patent pending muscle adhesive product. The system uses a combination of compression and flexible support, and is uniquely designed to mimic the body’s natural movement.

Jeff works full-time as the company’s president while Jennifer works part-time for the venture. The company is still in its early stages, but it has sold units to several clinics, individual consumers and retail stores, including Burghardt Sporting Goods.

“We hope to go big,” Jeff said.

So far, the positive response has been overwhelming, said the Smiths.

“We’re just trying to keep people in the game as much as they can be during the pain and healing process,” said Jennifer.

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