Hurt Electric Inc.

Second Year Winner

Henry Hurt

Hurt Electric Inc.

N57W14502 Shawn Circle, Menomonee Falls •
Year founded: 1996
Product or service offered: Electrical construction: new and remodeling for institutional, commercial, industrial and educational customers. We also specialize in lighting and lighting controls, motors and motor controls, fire alarm systems, HVAC and temperature controls.
President & CEO: Henry Hurt
Leadership team: Ron Rechlicz, vice president and treasurer; Tim Jahn, vice president and secretary
Projected 2016 revenue: $8 million
Target clientele: Customers wanting quality work with regard to their building controls, fire alarm system, security system, lighting and motor controls

Henry Hurt
Henry Hurt

What has fueled your company’s growth?

“Customers know what they want. We deliver on our promises to our customers. They refer us to other customers. We work very hard to maintain our existing relationship and the opportunities for growth present themselves. We are also involved in several projects with public dollars being used. This has allowed us opportunities to grow as we work with much larger contractors.”

What is the biggest obstacle to your company’s growth?

“Cash flow and qualified manpower.”

Do you plan to make any changes to your company?

“Yes. We are in the midst of bringing in some younger talent into our management. We are working on a succession plan for the future of the company with young people in mind.”

Who are the business people you admire and why?

“Gerv Rose – a man of integrity. Always focused on doing what’s right. He has led his company, Roman Electric, to a new focus. There are many leaders like him who have the vision to see what’s ahead and can transmit that to others, like his successors, Phil and Gabe Rose. There are many others who have had a positive affect on our industry – Greg Eisenhardt, Mike Kelliher, Dave Washebeck, Rick Martiny, Joe Klein, Steve Pacl and Bob Rayburn. These men are all leaders in our industry who have had a great influence on how I handle my business. Additionally, I really appreciate my business partners Tim Jahn and Ron Rechlicz. I couldn’t do it without them.”

What is the outlook for your industry?

“Great opportunities are ahead of us.”

What is your company’s most important growth strategy?

“Deliver on your promise. Quality work is always a repeat business.”

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