Here’s how you can meet your goals this year

    The start of the New Year brings to most of us the desire to make this next year a better one. When setting goals, it is important to ask yourself, “What benefit do I believe that these goals and outcomes will bring me?”

    For most people, the underlying desire is peace, love and happiness. When we understand this, and operate from this desire, we are more likely to meet our goals.

    When reviewing your goals for the year, whether they are personal and professional, keep the following 10 tips in mind:

    1) Work from your passion and desire, not your "should list." Develop a personal and professional passion statement to keep you connected to your heart.

    2) Sort your life out in seven areas when setting goals: spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, vocational, financial and recreational. Make a specific plan for each, including the main priorities and initiatives you will do for each. Again, this will help you to be conscious of the moment of choice. When the moment comes up, you will be more conscious of if you want to say yes, no or change your mind

    3) Make a priority list every day or week of your top five priorities so that you are working on the things that mean most to you, not just the things that are grabbing your attention. That way, you are spending most of your time on what is important to you, not just urgent and unimportant.

    4) Do not let distractions get in your way. Set limits on when you will answer e-mail, return phone calls and have meetings.

    5) Use visualization as a way to achieve your heart’s desire: use a vision board and review it often. Also, think of other methods to remind yourself of what is most important to you.

    6) When choices do arise, in the moment of choice, ask: Is this what I really want?  Writing out your goals in advance will help you to make more conscious choices. For example, when a friend or potential client asks to meet for coffee, ask yourself, “Is that what I really want to do?” Perhaps you would rather not meet around coffee or food, especially if one of your goals is losing weight or reducing your blood pressure, for example.

    7) Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Peel back the reason you are doing something. Play the child-game of why? Ask why am I doing that…why? why? and what do I ultimately want to get from that? See how that matches up with your passion statement and goals.

    8) Pay attention to when you are getting stuck in the muck. This happens when life isn’t going as expected and the feeling of anxiety or depression gets triggered. Go one step deeper and ask, "Am I feeling shame, like I am not enough?  Am I feeling powerless, like I cannot change this?  Am I feeling abandoned, like I cannot get the support I want?  Now release that old programming and get into the field of possibilities. Become more open, trusting and allowing by focusing on the question, "How might I deal with this?  What do I need to be open to?"

    9) Keep on track. Fill yourself up often with good thoughts and teaching. Make your bathroom and car into a university! Play motivational tapes, put up your favorite sayings, put your vision board in there. Why not start your day reminding yourself of how to think and what to do to be successful.

    10) Remember: It is easy to get caught in living our lives from fear, judgment and control. We try so hard to be safe and secure, to be loved and to belong. What would happen if you just trusted that YOU ARE ENOUGH! You would be able to operate from a higher level of decision-making and confidence. You would then feel more fulfilled and effective!


    Susan Wehrley is an author of four books, an executive and personal coach and specializes in organizational development. For more information, visit

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