Fox News crew gets chilly reception from county Dems

     Fox News Channel crew that showed up at a Milwaukee County Democratic Party meeting this week was greeted with skepticism, but ultimately allowed to stay.
    Party chairman Sachin Chheda questioned why the crew from the conservative-leaning network should be trusted.
    "The reality is that the Fox News Corporation has donated a million dollars, or the parent company, has donated a million dollars to the Republican Governor’s Association to help defeat Tom Barrett," Chheda said, according to video from the event posted on YouTube by the party. "We’re here tonight to get out the vote for Democrats. How on earth are we supposed to trust you from Fox News Channel to report fairly on what’s happening tonight?"
    The Fox News reporter, Steve Brown, said he understood the mistrust.
    "I have been dealing with this to various different degrees for 12 years,"
    Brown said. "I understand people are allowed to have whatever opinion they wish to have about my organization or any other one. If you don’t want us here, we’ll leave."
    See the video:

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