2nd year winner

Adam York


Industry: Equipment maintenance
Founded: 2008
Projected 2017 revenue: Not disclosed

Adam York

Our world is becoming more and more automated, and for Brookfield-based Equips, that trend is driving growth.

The company provides equipment management and consulting services for financial institutions.

Equips works with ATMs, drive-ups, vaults, security equipment, copiers, teller cash equipment and coin machines found at branch locations.

Equips also manages service calls through its E-Link software platform, which helps provide cost savings, improved efficiencies, equipment management and service administration.

Equips strives to make equipment maintenance and management easier, so financial institutions can focus on the customers they serve.

While getting the word out about the work the company does has historically been a challenge, Equips recently partnered with ResultsMarketing in Brookfield to help.

The company consistently looks for ways to serve the fast-changing world of banking automation. The company is poised to help financial institutions navigate those changes now and in the future.

What has contributed to your growth?

“Our current team of experts have been contributors to our growth this year. Our culture is vibrant. People who visit our offices can sense the energy, drive and enjoyment that we have working together. We are a team in the best sense of the word.”

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