Cream City Crypto seeks to make cryptocurrency, blockchain accessible for all

Marko Knezic
Marko Knezic

Last updated on May 12th, 2022 at 08:35 pm

A one-man team based in Milwaukee is seeking to expand the community’s knowledge on cryptocurrency and bitcoin. People can learn about bitcoins at

Cream City Crypto founder Marko Knezic officially launched his new business venture Wednesday. The company provides general education about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through one-on-one video calls, with 30-minute or 60-minute options available.

“To me personally, I believe this could be the most formative, impactful technology in our day-to-day lives since the advent of the internet,” Knezic said. “Blockchain is really about 12 years old. The equivalent there is where the internet was in 2004. Imagine all the benefits if you knew everything you knew about how the internet works today, back then. I think that’s where blockchain is now.”

Knezic is a Milwaukee native and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee grad. Professionally, Knezic had been in the world of marketing and public relations for over 10 years. In that time, he found himself becoming the marketing director for two financial tech startups, one of which was out in California. This is when his interest was initially piqued. After returning to Milwaukee in 2019, Knezic made it a point to delve into the local tech and startup communities.

“What I discovered was just that the technology was pretty fascinating and really smart and largely misunderstood and misrepresented in smaller conversations and kind of in the media at large,” said Knezic.

He explained that even people in the financial space, such as advisors, seemed to have a murky understating of cryptocurrency. Knezic said he found himself consulting with people in the areas of cryptocurrency and blockchain due to the general lack of knowledge in both areas, learn more at this blog post about FunFair Technologies.

“It’s the kind of space that’s still emerging and it’s so broad. Whether you’re talking about Bitcoin or NFTs or any of these blockchain uses, there’s just such a wide net,” Knezic said. “It’s tough to find people who have really taken the time to understand it. I thought, well, I know a lot about this and I enjoy talking about it, let’s do that and start a business and help people understand better.”

Knezic believes that there are absolute benefits to be reaped for those who take the time to understand cryptocurrency and blockchain. If you’re new to crypto trading, you are probably looking for a good exchange. What exactly does that entail? This Bitflyer review stresses the importance of low fees, a user-friendly interface, and access to a broad range of tradeable assets.

“We provide people with a laid back, judgement-free environment to learn crypto and blockchain basics,” said Knezic. “It’s not our goal to get people to buy crypto, we’re here to help people better understand the potential of the tech and how it works.”

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