Brewers to add ‘gameday host’ to lineup

Last updated on May 13th, 2019 at 02:23 pm

Brewers adding "gameday host" to lineup

The Milwaukee Brewers are interviewing local television and radio personalities and entertainers who have applied for the position of "gameday host," a new job created by the team.
The Brewers are interviewing seven candidates for the new job, and the successful candidate will be chosen later this month, according to Aleta Mercer, the team’s new director of entertainment.
The gameday host will provide live commentaries and interactions about the events and people at Miller Park, Mercer said. The vignettes will be broadcast live on the scoreboard at the ballpark, she said.
"The host greets you as you walk and says, ‘Welcome to Miller Park,’" Mercer said. "It will be different from day to day. It might be diverting everyone’s attention to the various activities going on at the ballpark.
"The person has to be interactive, like, ‘This is little Billy from Sheboygan, and he’s celebrating his fifth birthday. Won’t you join me in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to little Billy,’" Mercer said.
All of the candidates being interviewed are local people, Mercer said.
Mercer recently was promoted to her new position from her previous role as the team’s manager of broadcasting. Mercer, who has worked for the Brewers since 1992, was promoted by Rick Schlesinger, the team’s new vice president of business operations.
"She possesses a rare combination of creativity, work ethic, organizational skills, focus and the ability to manage people," Schlesinger said of Mercer. "Aleta has the ability to jump to the next level."
Schlesinger, a former vice president at a Walt Disney Co. subsidiary that oversees the Anaheim Angels, has promised to bring more off-field entertainment to the Miller Park experience. He previously announced that an organist will return to play at the ballpark for the first time since 1986.

Feb. 21, 2003 Small Business Times, Milwaukee

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