Book based on Milwaukee Police Department to receive possible screenplay

Last updated on July 2nd, 2019 at 09:53 am

A former member of Milwaukee law enforcement, writing under the pen name Mitchell Nevin, published The Cozen Protocol in September 2009, now some are interested in turning the book into a screenplay, said Nevin.
The Cozen Protocol is written like a crime-mystery novel and is based in the city of Milwaukee. The book is fiction, but several instances in the book are similar to incidents that have occurred throughout Milwaukee and involved the Milwaukee Police Department.
Nevin takes readers on a journey of two rival Latino gangs whose activities begin to pile up bodies in the Milwaukee morgue. A series of events occurs after the police department begins to feel the political pressure, and readers are given a glimpse into what it’s really like to wear a badge in the city of Milwaukee.
“My main motivation for writing the book centers on how cliques within a law enforcement agency; nepotism in the office of the chief of police; lax supervision, and overzealous internal investigators, now called the Professional Performance Division in Milwaukee, can undermine crime fighting efforts and cause substantial harm to the careers of those who serve, as well as the community at large,” Nevin said.
Nevin has chosen to write the book under a psudeo-name to keep his identity and his involvement with the Milwaukee law enforcement safe, he said.
“Many years ago, when I first became an officer, good supervisors insulated street cops from departmental politics,” Nevin said. “Around 1996, that began to change.  The book illustrates both the seriousness of the job but also shows that officers and detectives have a sense of humor. “
The book is available in an e-book format on and for the Kindle for $3. According to Nevin, he’d like the name of the group interested in producing the screenplay to be kept anonymous until a more formal agreement is made.

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