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Richard R. Pieper Sr. is the non-executive chairman of Milwaukee-based PPC Partners Inc.

Milwaukee Biz Blog: Are we at a new normal?

Our society needs more servant leaders.

Milwaukee Biz Blog: Are we at a new normal?

Our society needs more servant leaders.

Milwaukee Biz Blog: Award winning schools

The solution to Wisconsin’s business problems.

Milwaukee Biz Blog: Focus on character development in our community

Approach would cost little and get results in solving city's problems.

Milwaukee Biz Blog: You are a model, for good or ill

How Wisconsin schools are the best examples.

Milwaukee Biz Blog: Positive trends

There may be a lot of violence and change, but it is counterbalanced by many life-affirming, hopeful events.

A Volkswagen education: Everything begins and ends at the top

Tens of billions of dollars down the drain will be the result of Volkswagen chief executive officer Martin Winterkorn’s lapse in supposedly being unaware that his company attempted to cheat its way to success.

Summit will focus on servant leadership

One of society's biggest challenges in a competitive world is how to be the best that we can be and simultaneously help others be the best they can be.

Proof that Wisconsin admires its teachers

Teachers of Wisconsin: lift up your heads and be proud. A recent survey shows your reputations are secure and you are highly respected.

The answer is not guns, tanks or the National Guard

The chaos in Missouri makes all of us weep. Is there a solution? Yes.

Take action against heroin

Heroin kills. Heroin is not chic. The monster destroys any one in its grip. Those who loved the lost grieve for the rest of their lives.

Wisconsin needs enlightened leadership

I’m in favor of unions. Their purpose is to represent their constituency. Enlightened union leadership’s job is to see that the union constituency is enabled to do their jobs more effectively through education and a creative work environment.

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