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A tale of two states?

Summer actions seemed to make Wisconsin politics a tale of two states.

Wisconsin still soft on drunk driving

Wisconsin is a leading law-and-order state – except when it comes to drunk driving. The state now spends more tax dollars on its prison system than it does on its university system.

Aging population could reshape workforce

An aging workforce and a growing cadre of retired workers seem destined to provide difficult economic challenges for Wisconsin in the future.

Walker isn’t taking point in arena debate

The sale of the Milwaukee Bucks will provide a high-profile taxing and leadership test for Gov. Scott Walker.

Marquette poll shows Wisconsin’s Obamacare divide

A recent Marquette University Law School poll shows 52 percent of respondents feel Obamacare should be kept and improved. Only 18 percent said the Affordable Care Act should be repealed and not replaced.

Powerful forces attempt to reshape education

Education in many parts of Wisconsin has turned into a two-hump camel.

State’s mailing industry disputes Johnson’s claim

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) is in the political doghouse of Wisconsin's largest industry.

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