Alliance Technology provides electronic solutions

When the Green Bay Packers set up on the sidelines at each of their games, they use rolling equipment cases made by Badger Case.

And when a city has a clogged sewer or pipe to fix, it often uses a sewer camera made by Insight Vision at the same facility.

Badger Case and Insight Vision are divisions of Alliance Technology LLC in Saukville.

“Even though they’re so different and they’re so unique in their own ways, they complement each other,” said Joe Couto, vice president of sales.

That’s because Badger Case’s custom cases often include advanced portable electronics similar to those used in the camera systems.

Joe Anderson, electronic technician, tests the camera on an Insight Vision system.

A salesman who wants to professionally display and demonstrate a motor his company makes can have a case designed to run the part on the go, he said.

Badger has also designed cases that turn into tables and a case that served as a cover for a Volkswagen Beetle unveiling at a trade show.

The cases are made using polyethylene plastic or plywood with a plastic coating. Employees at Badger cut the pre-made material, rivet it together and add recessed latches and handles, steel ball corners and double wall aluminum extrusions to reinforce the outside.

Foam is hot glued to the interior, which can also include shelving, LCD screens, electronics and any number of customizations, said Steve Napoleon, president of Alliance.

Gwen Morgan machines holes in the foam that will line a case interior.

“Some of the cases can get pretty involved, with drawers in them,” Couto said. “Once the cases are put together, they are pretty much indestructible.”

One of the unique custom cases that Badger Case has designed was a helmet warmer for Brett Favre when he was the Packers quarterback. The warming case was developed because when Favre took his helmet off, the sweat sometimes froze and impacted the performance of the electronics inside.

Badger Case’s clients include GE Healthcare, P&H Mining and Rockwell Automation.

Insight Vision, Alliance’s camera division, targets the construction and drain cleaning industries. Customers can use the camera, attached to up to 300 feet of cable and a self-leveling LCD screen, to locate a clog in a pipe without digging up the whole area.

“The cost savings are tremendous,” Napoleon said. “Our equipment is kind of made for the high end professionals – people who plan on making a lot of money with the equipment.”

Insight buys the electronic components for the cameras and assembles the parts in house. The camera must withstand wet, caustic environments, so the camera is encased in stainless steel, Couto said.

The company also offers repairs on the cameras, which usually need to be completed between one and four times per year, depending on the level of use.

Alliance’s sales have grown 16 percent since 2012, as a result of an increased focus on design and marketing.

“In our line of business, design does sell, so that’s why we’re working hard on it,” Napoleon said. “We’re going to push design for new cameras and new types of cases.”

The company is currently evaluating the rental of another 15,000 to 20,000 square feet of space, if a transportation product project is secured, Couto said.

Long term, Alliance has room to grow its 13,000-square-foot facility to as large as 50,000 square feet on its existing property.

Alliance Technology LLC

600 Dekora Woods Blvd., Saukville

Industry: Custom cases; sewer cameras

Employees: 15

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