Wisconsin exports in April hit lowest level since January 2010

Wisconsin exports

Wisconsin companies exported around $1.42 billion in goods during the month of April, a $410 million decline from the same time last year.

It is the lowest single month total for exports from the state since January 2010. It is the lowest total for April since 2009 and more closely resembles monthly export totals from the mid-2000s.

Compared to other states, Wisconsin’s 22.4% decline was the 26th largest drop in the state. Hawaii had the largest percentage drop at 74%. Texas saw the largest decline in dollar-terms, down $8.67 billion, followed by California, down $3.75 billion and Michigan, down $2.87 billion.

Wisconsin imports were down as well, dropping 16.3% or $385 million to $1.97 billion in April. The decline was the 32nd largest drop in the country. Hawaii again saw the largest percentage drop, down 68%, followed by Michigan, down 64%, New Hampshire, down 53% and Louisiana, down 48%.

Imports were down from a variety of sources. The value of goods imported from China declined 13.7% or $63.7 million and 18.9% or $70.3 million from Canada. The largest decreases came on imports from Europe, down $163 million or 19.8%, and Mexico, down $78.7 million or 33.4%.

Exports were down to many major destinations for Wisconsin companies, but the declines were particularly concentrated in North America.

Shipments to Canada, the single largest export market for the state, declined $214.8 million or 34.1%. To the south, exports to Mexico declined 51.3% or $146.5 million.

Sales to Europe were down 7.5% or $26.2 million while exports to China, hit last year by escalating tariffs and trade tensions, were relatively flat, down 1.7% or $1.9 million.

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