Eisenhardt, Gregg

Last updated on May 13th, 2019 at 02:42 pm

Gregg Eisenhardt,   President
Good Electric, Inc.

Milwaukee, Wi

What does your daily or weekly fitness regime consist of?
"Work out at North Shore Elite 3 times per week. Routine was determined by my cardiologist."

Other than the obvious health benefits, how has being fit improved your life?
"Feel better, feel better about myself, get sick very rarely."

How does personal fitness affect your work life?
"Feel more alert."

Do you have a corporate health or wellness initiative?

How does fitness or wellness affect your overall organization?
"People are more positive…there’s less absenteeism due to illness."

What advice do you have for other executives interested in starting either a personal fitness plan or corporate wellness initiative?
"It takes discipline….stick to it…..make it a mandatory part of your life….as my cardiologist said.."you’re no good to your company dead!""

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