Best Version Media

Best Version Media
375 Bishops Way, Ste. 225, Brookfield
Year founded: 2007
Product or service offered: Niche magazines going to local communities, neighborhoods, organizations and business associations; marketing and advertising solutions; and business strategy solutions.
CEO: Dave Durand
Leadership team: Pete Ericksen, chief operating officer; Paul Lubinksi, chief production officer
Projected 2015 revenue: Not disclosed
Target clientele: Businesses who need local advertising presence anywhere in North America
Business organization memberships: Waukesha County Business Alliance
What has fueled your company’s growth?
“Internal organizational strategies including culture, scaling and effective recruiting practices. Additionally, our unique approach to reaching audiences and enhancing sponsorship presence for our clients.”
What is the biggest obstacle to your company’s growth?
“Government is and always will be the biggest obstacle to growing any business — including our own.”
Do you plan to make any changes to your company? 
“We plan to continue to scale out domestically and internationally for the next several years.”
What is your company’s most important growth strategy?
“Culture and disciplined scaling practices.”

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