Wisconsin Oven opens Waukesha facility

East Troy-based Wisconsin Oven Corp. has moved its assembly work to a 27,000-square-foot facility at 1805 Pewaukee Road in Waukesha.

Wisconsin Oven Corp. is leasing the space from 1801 Pewaukee LLC. Jeff Hoffman of Judson & Associates represented Wisconsin Oven Corp. in brokering the lease.

The move brings five Wisconsin Oven Corp. employees from East Troy to Waukesha and the company plans to hire another 20 employees immediately.

The company, which makes large industrial ovens, will keep fabrication and production in East Troy. It has 120 employees.

“We are involved with a lot of niche markets right now such as energy and composites, the automotive industry,” said president Dave Strand. “Those are probably the three main drivers.”

Composites are materials that are used to replace steel in the airline, aerospace and automotive industries. They are becoming more popular as manufacturers work to reduce the weight and increase the gas mileage of vehicles, Strand said.

He plans to continue growing in the Waukesha location.

“It’s a good fit for the proximity from East Troy and we’re hoping that there will be a larger pool of talent for skilled trades,” Strand said. “We’ve already moved and we are producing in Waukesha right now.”

Wisconsin Oven was acquired by PLC Holding of France last year.

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