“The Up Side of Down”

While significant failure can present challenges too difficult to overcome, failure can also act as a catalyst to enduring success, as Megan McArdle illustrates in her recently published book, “The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well is the Key to Success.”

Through her book, McArdle reframes failure to help readers learn how to “harness the power” within it. Pulling real-life examples from companies, organizations and leaders in different industries, she highlights failure’s ability to point individuals in clearer directions as well as motivate them to reinvent themselves when facing adversity.

As one CEO within the book notes, failure is “the only way a business grows” as it’s “the only way you really learn.”

McArdle also details some of the science and psychology behind failure so that readers can better process the effects of failure and channel their failures into momentum needed for success.

“The Up Side of Down” is available on www.800ceoread.com for $22.36.

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