Notable LGBTQ Executives: Gerry Howze

Class of 2022

After Gerry Howze, executive director of PEARLS for Teen Girls Inc., recently spoke to members of TEMPO’s Emerging Women Leaders initiative, one of the participants commented to TEMPO president and chief executive officer Jen Dirks, “(Howze) is someone I aspire to be one day.”

“Gerry’s leadership style and infectious energy makes you want to be part of her team. She is a servant leader in her approach as a listener, as a thoughtful analyzer and one who brings compassion to any discussion,” said Dirks, who joined the PEARLS for Teen Girls board of directors in 2019. PEARLS for Teen Girls is an empowerment organization for young women. 

“This opportunity has provided me an even greater understanding and appreciation of Gerry’s leadership, authenticity, strength and professional poise in running PEARLS. She is an accessible, humble leader,” Dirks said. 

Howze, who also serves as director of program services at PEARLS and previously worked as a club manager at the Pieper Hillside Boys & Girls Club, was the recipient of a Black Excellence Award and a Standout Sister Betty Award in 2020.