Milwaukee company develops air sanitation system

Prolitec Inc., Milwaukee

Innovation: aria air sanitation device

Air care is a nearly $7 billion a year industry in the United States. Milwaukee-based Prolitec Inc. has focused on that market and has optimized a state-of-the-art technology in its products that can not only make the air in a space smell better, with its newest released product, aria, it can also make the air cleaner and healthier for people to breathe.

“The company formed after acquiring a technology that is capable of converting liquids into small particles that are 100th the diameter of a human hair,” said Richard Weening, chairman and chief executive officer of Prolitec. “The technology is extremely advanced and useful for a lot of different applications, but right now we are targeting the air quality and sanitation market.”

Prolitec’s aria air sanitizer is designed to infuse an air sanitizer that kills bacteria and viruses in the ambient air of Prolitec spaces, Weening said.

“We’re focused on implementing the aria technology in spaces where the likelihood of disease transmission is high,” he said. “Aria can substantially reduce bacteria levels in the air and is primarily used in hospital settings, senior care and living facilities or clinics.”

According to Weening, Prolitec uses its patented technology to turn a liquid chemical known as glycol into air sanitizing particles, which are then infused into the air in a specific space.

“The sanitizer is infused into the air in a very small quantity of one part per million,” Weening said. “Research indicates that glycol maintained at a certain concentration can substantially reduce airborne bacteria in a space and aria has the technology to measure and maintain that level over time.”

The air sanitizing chemical is also safe for continuous use in human-occupied spaces, Weening said.

Aria was developed by Prolitec’s Aerobiology & Infection Control Division and is approved by the EPA. The device functions around the clock and can automatically respond to airborne germs and bacteria generated by coughs and sneezes, Weening said.

“The spread of germs and disease in a hospital or clinical setting is a huge problem all over the world,” Weening said. “Not because those places aren’t clean, but because people that are sick are coming to them all the time to get well. Hospitals and hospital-like settings already have infection control programs in place. This is meant to be an automated supplement to that program. Aria is always on and can act as a foundation for those existing policies to improve results.”

Prolitec specializes in transforming the air ambience of a space. Prior to the aria air sanitation device, the company’s primary focus was scent, Weening said.

“Our biggest market right now is introducing scents into spaces,” he said. “If a certain space always smells a certain way, Abercrombie and Fitch stores across the country, for example, that’s us. We’re an air care company with a heavy emphasis on technology and using that technology to provide a service to our customers.”

Prolitec does business worldwide for its scent introductory system and hopes to expand the same way with the aria air sanitation device.

Aria air sanitizer can be used in spaces as large as entire hospital wings to smaller spaces like homes, offices and classrooms, Weening said.

In larger systems, aria is installed in air control or HVAC systems throughout the building. The device is installed with a recyclable replacement cartridge full of liquid that Prolitec certified partners can replace on an as-needed basis, Weening said.

“We provide aria as a monthly service with a one time single service fee where our people handle and maintain all the equipment,” he said. “Cartridges are replaced on an as- needed basis, which is determined based on what adjustable sanitation setting the space requires or desires.”

Prolitec has worked extensively in long term care and senior living facilities to implement aroma therapy devices, Weening said. According to Weening, individuals can purchase a Prolitec whole house air freshener system and an aria cartridge for use in the home, office or classroom.

“Our main focus is to implement the technology where infection control and the risk of spreading infectious diseases are high,” Weening said. “However, the technology can and should be used anywhere there is a need for reducing airborne bacteria. We are targeting hospital systems and long-term care facilities because the likelihood of spreading germs and bacteria are high and the most risky for patients and residents in those settings.”

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