Luxurious kitchen remodel

The Executive Spring 2020

Credit: La Bonte Construction

From outdated and cluttered to mid-century modern chic, this kitchen remodel from a couple of years ago is still one of Milwaukee-based LaBonte Construction’s most popular projects among its customers.

The Bayside home belongs to a young couple that had grown tired of the poor traffic flow and cramped space of their original kitchen.

LaBonte Construction spent about three months on the transformation, which created a more functional, versatile kitchen space opening to the large family room. The entire project cost $108,000, including $75,000 for the kitchen improvements.

With natural light from ceiling skylights and patio doors overlooking the wooded backyard, the open-concept design “invites the outside in,” said Dave LaBonte, senior project manager at LaBonte Construction.

He said the main goal of the project was to ensure the kitchen functioned better for the owners.

“It reflects the young couple’s lifestyle and how they wanted to live,” he said. 

Opening the space required some structural work, including removing the room’s obtrusive post and most of the drop beam. LaBonte said the company brought in an interior designer to help pull off the couple’s vision.

The remodeled kitchen features locally custom-made maple wood cabinets, quartz countertops and backsplash, popular satin brass finish accents and tile floors. The skylights were replaced during a separate exterior roofing project.

LaBonte said open-concept kitchens and mid-century modern design are both popular trends these days, so the combination of the two is dynamite.

“I think we did it in a way where it will last and stand the test of time, even if they decide to sell the home,” he said. “It will probably be a feature point.”

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