Luxurious dressing room remodel

The Executive Spring 2020

A couple loved their Town of Belgium home along Lake Michigan in northern Ozaukee County. But it had one problem: the master bedroom closet was way too small. It only had enough space for his clothes. She needed a space for their things.

They decided to convert a 170-square-foot, underutilized office room at the front of the house into a spectacular dressing room. They hired Greenfield-based AB&K Bath & Kitchen Inc. to do the $110,000 project.

The transformation of the space included the addition of an opulent crystal chandelier that hangs in the middle of the room, over an island that provides storage drawers and a countertop. The walls of the room are lined with custom-made wardrobe cabinets, designed based on the size of the gowns, dresses and garments that need to be stored there. The cabinets are covered with custom-made mirrors, designed with a vintage feel.

The room also has a shoe carousel with storage for dozens of pairs of shoes and a makeup/dressing vanity. A custom-made boot bench under a set of four windows also provides storage.

“She took inventory of everything she needed to store and we planned out how we were going to create space to store everything (in the dressing room),” said Tracy Grosspietsch, director of sales and design for AB&K. “She wanted more of a dressing room concept than a closet.”

Electrical outlets were added to the vanity and the island for devices, such as hair dryers, curling irons or straightening irons.

The wardrobe cabinets have integrated lighting with LED lights that automatically come on when the doors are opened. There is also lighting integrated into the countertop surface of the island.

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