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The state’s export prospects will be the focus of the 51st annual Wisconsin International Trade Conference, which will take place Thursday, May 7, from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee.

Wisconsin exporters set a record by shipping $23.400 billion worth of products to 206 countries around the world in 2014. Wisconsin’s exports increased by 1.4 percent from the previous year.

The state’s agricultural exports rose by 13.6 percent in 2014 to a record $3.7 billion. The state’s increase was nearly three times greater than the growth rate for total U.S. agriculture exports in 2014 and marks the fifth straight year Wisconsin’s numbers have risen.

“This is great news for Wisconsin farmers, as well as businesses of all sizes and all industries,” said Gov. Scott Walker. “We are taking the necessary steps to improve our business climate, and help Wisconsin companies improve their position in the global market. Promoting Wisconsin business and products is helping job creators realize that exporting can open the doors to new markets and new customers. The latest record-breaking numbers are a true indication that our efforts are paying off.”

More than 8,500 companies in the state are already finding success around the world, and 88 percent of those are small or mid-sized firms.

Wisconsin’s export growth in 2014 was spurred by increases in shipments to Canada and Mexico, Wisconsin’s top two export destinations.

The Wisconsin International Trade Conference has become a “must attend” annual event for many business leaders aspiring to export products or services overseas.

“This conference is a unique opportunity to spend the day networking with global business professionals who share common experience and goals,” said Ellen Kosidowski, vice president of order administration and logistics at Rite-Hite Company LLC.

“Small businesses like mine, which provide services to companies that sell their products worldwide, gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities our clients face. I always come away with fresh ideas that I can put to work for clients,” said Tracy Shilobrit, president and owner at Meta4 Marketing & Communications.

“The Wisconsin Trade Conference is a must for those who are new to exporting, as well as the seasoned veterans, alike. There is a wealth of informational resources that participants can tap into during the day-long conference,” said Deb Kopczynski, Hatco Corp. director of international sales

“As a 22-year veteran of international business in Milwaukee, I look forward to the annual World Trade Association conference. The conference brings together a great blend of local and international manufacturers and service providers – all with a common goal:  to further the cause of international business within the region and promote trade across the globe. Kudos to WTA and we look forward to the next one,” said Pradeep Nedungadi, president of Visthar LLC International Business Consultants.

Wisconsin export data 2014
Wisconsin exporters set a record by shipping $23.432 billion worth of products to 206 countries around the world. The state’s exports increased by 1.4 percent.

Highlights include:

  • Almost half of Wisconsin’s exports stay within North America.
  • Exports to Canada, Wisconsin’s #1 export destination, increased 5.5 percent.
  • Exports to Mexico increased 13.23 percent.
  • Exports to Germany increased 6.19 percent.
  • Exports to France increased 7.6.
  • Exports to Spain increased 7.31 percent.
  • Exports to Netherlands increased 15.0 percent.
  • Exports to China dropped 5.27 percent.
  • Exports South Korea increased 5.29 percent.
  • Exports to India dropped 37.62 percent.
  • Exports to Indonesia dropped 3.24 percent.
  • Exports to Kenya increased 4.47 percent.
  • Exports to Tanzania dropped 42.16 percent.
  • Exports to Brazil increased 70.06 percent.
  • Industrial Machinery continues to be Wisconsin’s top export category.
  • Medical & Scientific Instruments declined 4.2 percent from $2.262 billion to $2.167 billion.
  • Electrical Machinery declined 3.67 percent from $2.220 billion to $2.138 billion.
  • Plastics increased 8.58 percent and broke the $1 billion level.
  • Aircraft/Spacecraft increased 31.7 percent from $307.4 million to $404.9 million.
  • Miscellaneous Mineral Products increased 57.85 percent from $117.7 million to $185.8 million.
  • Organic Chemicals increased 169.11 percent from $156.3 million to $420.7 million.
  • Product Made of Nickel increased 101.76 percent from $5.965 million to $12.035 million.
  • Furskins increased 52.52 increased from $176.1 million to $268.6 million.
  • Exports of Water-related products increased 7.42 percent from $4.682 billion to $5.029 billion.
  • Exports of Energy, Power and Control-related products declined by 3.23 percent from $4.394 billion to $4.252 billion.
  • Exports of Hi-Tech products declined by 0.18 percent from $3.197 billion to $3.191 billion.
  • Total Agricultural Products increased 13.63 percent from $3.232 billion to $3.672 billion.
  • Exports of Biotech-related products increased 6.83 percent from $2.910 billion to $3.109 billion.
  • Exports of Healthcare-related products increased 0.98 percent from $1.876 billion to $1,895 billion.
  • Wisconsin ranks 19th among the 50 states in exports.

For more information about the conference or to register to attend, visit www.wisconsintradeconference.org.

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