Elite Human Capital Group

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Address: 155 S. Executive Drive, Suite 200, Brookfield, WI 53005

Website: www.elitehumancapital.com

Year founded: 2003

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Product or service offered: Executive recruitment, professional staffing, contract recruiting, recruitment process outsourcing, HR consulting, customizable recruitment solutions.

Projected 2012 revenue: $10.5 million

President/Owner: Crystal Lapoint-King

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Other key leaders: Paul Kilp, chief executive officer; Kate Weiland, vice president

Target clientele: Organizations that place a high emphasis on their human capital and recognize that to recruit talented individuals you need a partner that understands the landscape and has a broad reach in uncovering top-tier candidates.

Business organization memberships: WBENC, MMAC, SHRM

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What has fueled your company’s growth? “Though national and regional unemployment figures remain high, there is actually very low unemployment in key areas such as IT, engineering, finance and accounting, and human resources. Those specialized positions are very difficult for our clients to fill because they typically do not have the outreach and network to recruit for these roles themselves. They reach out to us, the experts, to help them fill those critical roles within their organization.”

What is the biggest obstacle to your company’s growth? “Ironically, the biggest obstacle to our growth is the same obstacle we address for our clients everyday; identifying key core talent recruiters and sales professionals for our team. We like to think we’re better at core-recruitment than other companies because that’s what we do, but we aren’t insulated from the talent shortage. Finding the right talent for our team is challenging because we have such a high standard of selection.”

Do you plan any changes in your company in the upcoming months? “We are focusing heavily on regional and national growth at this point, and look to expand operations through acquisition and organic initiatives. Due to our rapid growth we will also be hiring divisional managers and directors to oversee individual business units.”

Who are the business people, locally or nationally, whom you admire? And what traits do those people exhibit that make you admire them? “I have always admired Howard Schultz, chairman and CEO of Starbucks. His professional integrity and genuine commitment to the brand and culture of his organization I currently relate to his other focus, which was ensuring that the Starbucks brand didn’t get diluted during high growth periods. We are focusing on the same issue at this point as we try to protect our internal culture while rapidly expanding.”

What is the outlook for the business conditions of your industry over the next several months? “Hiring in selective professional verticals continues to be strong. We’ve diversified the niches we specialize in and have made strategic decisions regarding adding talented recruiting professionals to those niches to capitalize on those opportunities.”

What is your company’s key strategy for rising out of the recession? “We navigated through the recession by making very calculated decisions. I looked at every aspect of the business and made strategic moves on key issues. I decided not to lay-off any of our core talent. Retaining that talent, I felt would be the key to continued and sustained growth.”

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