LOCATION: 2156 South 4th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53207
SAP specific implementation, training, hosting and support services.

PROJECTED 2008 REVENUE: $10 million

LEADERSHIP TEAM: Christopher M. Carter, chief executive officer; Chip DeTuncq, chief operating officer; Tracy Nadolski, controller; and Jennifer Carter, president.

TARGET CLIENTELE: All clients running SAP software or looking to install SAP.  As well as partner companies looking to have a U.S.-based partner assist with their SAP client needs for success.


WHAT HAS FUELED YOUR COMPANY’S GROWTH? CCI’s growth has come from firms running SAP applications, understanding they can find a stronger partner in the USA to assist with their needs than they could by sending the work to India at a lower price point, while dealing with the headaches of not knowing the U.S. business economy, language barriers and the 12 hour time difference.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE TO YOUR COMPANY’S GROWTH? We are blessed with a strong qualified SAP staff, in my opinion the best we have ever had at CCI, for our clients and partners. Keeping that level of expertise always available is and will be a constant drive for our team as we continue to grow.

DO YOU PLAN ANY CHANGES IN YOUR COMPANY IN THE UPCOMING MONTHS? CCI has been evolving since we opened our doors. We are adding more services to meet the needs of our clients, such as opening our new offices in Mexico City to meet the needs of SAP Latin America, as well as opening our Argentina office to assist a client.

WHO ARE THE BUSINESS PEOPLE, LOCALLY OR NATIONALLY, WHOM YOU ADMIRE? AND WHAT TRAITS DO THOSE PEOPLE EXHIBIT THAT MAKE YOU ADMIRE THEM? I still admire Dan Doucett; his business skills are the best.  Chip Detuncq always says it like it is.  My father…he was never the loudest or most outspoken, like his son, but when he spoke, you knew it was the truth and ALWAYS worth listening too.

WHAT IS THE OUTLOOK FOR THE BUSINESS CONDITIONS OF YOUR INDUSTRY OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS? Our industry is just like the rest of the USA; we are in a recession.  We are keeping a strong presence because we have a true, strong business plan. We have quality for our clients, and we are truly looking out for the clients of SAP, not the almighty dollar.


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