Cardinal Stritch closure will cost 476 employees their jobs

Last updated on April 25th, 2023 at 05:51 pm

Once Cardinal Stritch University closes for good at the end of this spring semester, 476 employees will be laid off.

A WARN notice filed with the state Department of Workforce Development shows the Cardinal Stritch layoffs will include 177 student workers, 131 adjunct instructors and 37 master instructors.

Cardinal Stritch, located at 6801 N. Yates Road in Glendale and Fox Point, expects layoffs to take place in several waves. The first wave starts June 20.

“We are working with our employees to support a smooth transition, and we are providing impacted employees with information regarding unemployment benefits and EAP services,” according to the WARN notice. “In addition, Cardinal Stritch is reaching out to other educational institutions to identify potential placement opportunities, hosting job fairs with other educational institutions and hosting resume writing workshops for its employees to help foster a transition for its employees to new employment with other institutions.”

Cardinal Stritch president Dr. Dan Scholz informed students, staff and the community at large of the closure two weeks ago.

Scholz cited fiscal challenges, downward enrollment trends, the pandemic, the need for more resources, and mounting operational and facility challenges as contributing to the closure.

“Please be advised that Cardinal Stritch faces a number of unforeseen and rapidly developing circumstances that exceed our control or resources,” according to the WARN notice. “These factors include our current and new enrollment, the impact of the pandemic, retention challenges and market challenges, as well as Cardinal Stritch’s rigorous, but as of this date unsuccessful, efforts to obtain new credit/capital to continue operations.”

Cardinal Stritch had an enrollment of 1,365 in 2021 and was founded in 1937.

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