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“Anatomy of a Lean Leader”

Have you ever wondered what a 'lean' leader is? Did you know that President Abraham Lincoln applied lean practices?

“I’m Sorry I Broke Your Company”

Management consultants are not always the solution to a struggling company. Have you ever considered that consulting for companies is similar to a fad diet?

“ON Innovation”

“Creativity is about thinking up new things. Innovation is about doing new things,” is a Theodore Levitt quote found in “ON Innovation,” a new book written by Terry Jones. Jones likes this definition of innovation the most because not many people know how to innovate their ideas and turn them into real products.

“Contagious: Why Things Catch On”

Have you ever wondered why certain products get talked about more often than others? Do you often consult your peers before buying a product? Professor Jonah Berger explains word-of-mouth social transmission in his book, “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.”

“Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works”

The secret behind success is all about strategy. Have you ever been told to "think more strategically?" Figure out what this means from A.G. Lafley, former CEO of Procter & Gamble, and his strategic partner, Roger Martin, in their book, "Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works."

“Reinvent: A Leader’s Playbook for Serial Success”

Entrepreneurship is a risky field because not everyone makes it. However, it is possible to save a struggling business, whether brand new or established.

Tweak It: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day

Do you want to learn how to fit business and pleasure into your schedule while maintaining a stress-free life? Learn how to “Tweak It: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day.”

‘Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?’

Seth Godin believes that playing it safe is actually unsafe…even in the job world. By putting a spin on the Icarus fable, Godin shows how we can thrive by adopting an “artist” attitude.

“Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours”

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at work or school...or both? In “Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours” author Robert C. Pozen will change your mindset from hours worked to results produced.

“Social Business By Design: Transformative Social Media Strategies for the Connected...

Social media is such a widespread networking tool that it is beginning to change the way businesses operate today.

“How to Read a Client from Across the Room: Win More...

You've heard it before: communication is the key to a relationship, friendship or any other type of bond. Author and communications expert Brandy Mychals explains the importance of communication in sales. As a former jewelry saleswoman, Mychals studied behavior profiling systems in relation to networking and marketing and created The Character Code System.

“Brandstorm: Surviving and Thriving in the New Consumer Marketplace”

Social media marketing is undoubtedly powerful today. But may Facebook and Twitter be hurting the success and diminishing the role of a business?

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