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🔒 Selling thin air

The selling of products or services you can’t actually touch or feel in your hands presents some challenging problems. It’s often called “selling thin...

🔒 Pandemic marketing

You’ve probably heard the old marketing maxim that says 50% of all advertising is wasted. Don’t believe it. It’s a lot more than just...

The benefits of company uniforms

Mention uniforms to your employees and they will probably conjure up images of orange polyester jumpsuits with “Norb” or “Nancy” over the pocket. Pretty...

The value of internal marketing: Keep great employees by selling your...

Keep great employees by selling your company culture from within.

War games

Prepare your marketing counterattack.

Understanding the future

Use technology and innovation to get your clients’ attention.

Maximize your marketing budget

Every good marketing program begins with a plan – a means of allocating the limited resources of your marketing budget. Think of this plan as...

The five strategies to build your business

Every good marketing plan begins with goals. Sometime late last year, your company’s visionaries gathered around and decided where they want to be in 10...

Bring out the WOW in You

The “Mad Men” era produced two giants of advertising with completely different philosophies: • Leo Burnett: “Use logic and reason to convince buyers of the...

Luxury items enhance brands

If the Great Recession hurt your company’s sales, you might want to look at your product mix. Think luxury. Despite the economic collapse, sales of luxury...

Break through the clutter: Good advertising must have impact

Guess how many ads you are exposed to in a typical day. Fifty? A hundred? More? The average consumer is exposed to more than 1,500...

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