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Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of 12 best-selling books, including “The Sales Bible,” “The Little Red Book of Selling” and “The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude.” His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at For information about training and seminars, visit or

Like me. Why should I like you? Eh, I have no...

If you can remember that far back in Facebook history (2007), it started as a “fan” page. Then one day (way back in 2010), out of the blue, Facebook decided to change it to a “like” page.

The power of sales success. It’s all within you!

Last week I talked about the power of sales success and gave you the first ten personal powers you need to possess in order to have all of the sales success you desire. As a professional salesperson, you want more selling power and this two-part article reveals the sources.

Help! My main contact left, and I’m panicked!

Dear Jeffrey, I sell copiers in NYC, and this year I finished as the number one rep in the nation. I truly believe that would not have been possible had it not been for your Little Red Book of Selling. I do have a question and would greatly appreciate your advice. Recently I have been noticing a high turnover of people (including executives) at my accounts. When this happens it's almost like the reset button has been pressed and the replacements have no allegiance to me or my service and are usually unaware as to how hard I've worked to earn their company's business. How should I conduct myself when I know there is a new person in a company I have to work with? Is there a specific process I should follow? Thank you in advance. Dan

Who is taking responsibility around here? Nobody!

With all the dumb laws on the books these days, you’d think they’d have one smart one for taking responsibility.

Make a sale or create an outcome? One has more power

The two least understood words in sales are also the most powerful.

The evolution of social media attraction that leads to a sale

I am on it.
I am into it.
It's attracting customers.
It's making sales.
It's free!

What do you do EVERY DAY to build attraction and brand?

PERSONAL REALITY: You wake up, shower, shave (M), put on makeup (F), brush your teeth, and comb/fix your hair (if you have any). Every day like clockwork.

Twitter thoughts and Twitter thinking

Most people reading this have never tweeted. (You included?) On the off chance that you have tweeted, my guess is you have less than 5,000 Twitter followers – maybe less than 500.

Count your blessings

People don't know what they have. It's better than money.

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