I.Q. [Innovation Quotient] Award Winners: Riverwater Partners LLC

Adam Peck

Last updated on June 26th, 2019 at 04:24 pm

Riverwater Partners LLC



Innovation: Only investment advisory firm in Wisconsin to become Certified B Corp

Riverwater Partners was the first Certified B Corporation in Milwaukee and the eighth in the state since 2016. Established in 2016, the company was also among the first investment advisory firms dedicated to Environmental, Social & Governance investing in Wisconsin.

The nonprofit B Lab designates for-profit companies as B Corps for meeting its social and environmental standards. ESG-focused investing allows Riverwater to engage with public companies to affect factors like increasing board diversity, conserving natural resources, and ensuring that business practices are held to the most ethical standards.

“We thought it was the right thing to do,” said Adam Peck, founder of Riverwater Partners. “We look to invest in companies that aren’t only making money, but are also making a positive impact on the world.”

An independent, employee-owned business, Riverwater is dedicated to aligning its clients’ personal values with their investments and portfolio. With just five employees and help from shareholders and stakeholders, the company donates 5% of revenues back into the community. 

“There is a misconception that investing in a socially responsible manner, your performance is going to suffer,” Peck said. “Based on 30 years of data…focusing on how companies impact the environment, those that do (have a positive impact), have better performance.”

Riverwater Partners’ approach is similar to other types of investing, such as a 401(k) or retirement accounts, and they do so the same as any other adviser. However, they are more environmentally and socially conscious.

“It is normal investing, but with an extra toolbox,” Peck said.

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