While traveling along East Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee this summer, passersby may have noticed a colorfully dressed couple tangoing in the plaza of the 310W office building, a massive silver tree planted in the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons, or a bronze-colored man sitting deep in thought outside of The Pfister Hotel.

Those creations started popping up in early May along downtown’s main thoroughfare, from Fifth Street to O’Donnell Park, as part of Sculpture Milwaukee’s third annual outdoor urban sculpture collection.

Twenty artists from around the world contributed to the exhibit, which features 22 artworks ranging from life-size statues to abstract constructions.

“Tango Dancers” is the work of acclaimed New York City-based multimedia artist Red Grooms, who has two artworks featured in this year’s collection. His sculpture entitled “Hot Dog Vendor” sits outside the 875 East Wisconsin Avenue office building.

Considered to be a pop art maximalist, Grooms, 82, draws inspiration for his work from ordinary scenes such as carnivals and 1930s- and ‘40s-era roadside attractions to depict a humorous, larger-than-life take on modern urban life.

This year’s Sculpture Milwaukee exhibition will be on display through Oct. 27.

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Maredithe Meyer
Maredithe Meyer started as an intern reporter at BizTimes in summer 2015. She currently covers entertainment, sports, tourism and restaurants. In May 2017, she graduated with a journalism degree from Marquette University where she worked as an in-depth projects reporter for the Marquette Wire and Marquette Tribune.