Have you planned for success in 2021? It’s time to start.

Having a plan and being proactive has never been more important for businesses than it will be in 2021. According to Andy Weins, president of the environmental consulting firm, Green Up Solutions, the keys to success lie in leadership, getting in front of potential changes, and knowing when to call in expert help.

In a recent BizTimes Milwaukee webinar, Weins stressed the importance of addressing new needs and expectations — from customers and employees — and how creating the most stable foundation possible will be paramount the next time the business climate sees change.

In 2021, it will be even more important to lead rather than manage when dealing with issues of employee morale and safety, especially when it comes to the workplace.  

“There are a lot of things that we cannot control in this world, however when it comes to the physical space of your building there are things that we can control,” Weins said. 

Health departments set and change benchmarks based on different criteria throughout the year, and governments enact laws to react to changing situations, it’s important to get ahead of circumstances and not just react to legislation.  But it’s not just laws and regulations that have to be addressed.

“How we respond and get out in front of it is going to be crucial as we bring people back into the workplace,” Weins said. “We as employers or building owners have an obligation to create a safe environment for the people we interact with and as business owners we have a responsibility to reduce the risk of one person getting another person sick.

When putting together a plan, a key resource is the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) website. Once a plan is in place, having a system to document your actions is also key.

“The biggest thing you can do with any plan is document, document, document,” Weins said.

To that end, a smart part of a proactive company’s plan should be engaging a third-party expert when needed. 

The advantage of hiring a third-party cleaning service, for instance, is that they’ll already have a system to document their standard operating procedures in their cleaning routines, Weins added.

Hiring a contractor can put one layer in between you and potential liability.

Additionally, working with a contractor affords you a resource that is up to date on the latest changes from the CDC. 

“When you run your business, you need to focus on what you do, while someone else is ensuring you’re staying in compliance, up-to-date and preferably ahead of legislation,” Weins added.

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A Veteran of the U.S. Army, Andy sets the bar for leadership, monitors and improves operations, and provides the blueprint for the overall direction of Green Up Solutions, LLC. The vision and work ethic exemplified by the Cardinal Stritch graduate gives Green Up Solutions and its related endeavors a competitive edge and a defined path to success and sustainability.

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