My favorite tech: Dana Guthrie

Dana Guthrie is managing director and founder of Alchemy Angel Investors, and product manager at Johnson Controls International plc. She noted the lack of diversity among entrepreneurs and investors, and decided to begin investing in early-stage, high-growth startups. Guthrie uses a few tech tools to keep herself organized:


“Aha is a life-saving product management tool, allowing users to clearly define their product vision, strategy and priorities. I constantly receive customer feedback, requiring me to reprioritize my product roadmap, and this dynamic tool allows me to do so in the most efficient way possible.”  


“Tableau was recently acquired for about $15 billion and I understand why. It allows users to very easily slice, digest, and run customized reports on large amounts of data. For me personally, it keeps me honest in ensuring that I’m meeting the business goals, identifying opportunities and understanding what’s working well.”  


“I use Trello in my personal and professional life. I’m usually juggling many projects at once and Trello allows me to keep track of where I am relative to completion for all of them. I have visibility into when things are stalled or not moving as quickly as I’d expect, which forces me to do something different to get things moving towards completion. The cooler part is it’s free and there’s an app. So, I even use it for everyday things like grocery lists or as a reminder for lists of errands.”

Glas by Johnson Controls

“I know this sounds like a plug because I work at JCI but it honestly is one of my favorite gadgets. And it’s the only non-software thing on this list. But I love my Glas. Not only does it allow me to monitor and control the temperature in my home from an app, but it gives me information on air quality, energy savings and is smart enough to sense when the space is unoccupied and go into auto-away mode to save me money. Not to mention, it’s a pretty sexy stat; definitely a conversation piece when I have visitors at my house.”

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