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Company Match, DCA Into Index Fund, Annuities, Earnings Calls


Annex Wealth Management’s Matthew Morzy, CFP® and Sarah Kyle answer several Ask Annex questions:

“If my company contributes a match to my 401k and if I leave in a year or two, I know the matching is void. What happens to the gains from my investments? I’m weighing the pros and cons of opening one through my company or on my own.” – James

“What are the general opinions regarding taking a lump sum of money versus DCA into an index fund? Say for example, somebody receives a $5,000 bonus and wants to invest in an index fund. What are the pros/cons of buying $5,000 [of fund x]in one shot versus spreading it out into 12 individual lots throughout the year?” – Kyle

“My friend’s dad has about $200,000 to invest. Looking for the highest yield with little to no risk and something that can be liquidated easily in case of emergency. His bank is pushing an annuity. He doesn’t know anything about them. Looking where to start.” – Anonymous

“During earnings calls, what are you listening for besides forward guidance? Are follow up questions from analysts helpful? Also, are earnings calls the only time for truly valuable information?” – Phil

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