West Bend Mutual Insurance Co. raises $900,000 for MACC Fund

Biennial golf outing exceeds fundraising target

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company’s biennial golf outing recently pulled in $900,000 for the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund.

The total exceeded the company’s goal of raising $700,000 at the golf event, which was hosted at West Bend Country Club, the Washington County Golf Course, The Highlands Sportsmens Club, and the Prairie Center at the company’s corporate headquarters.

The company has held seven golf events over the last 12 years, which have raised nearly $2.7 million for the MACC Fund.

“The MACC Fund is very special to West Bend,” said Kevin Steiner, president of West Bend Mutual Insurance Co. “Throughout the past 12 years, our event has grown unbelievably. The money we raise helps doctors, nurses, researchers, and many others find treatments that are more tolerable and safer for children with cancer and blood disorders. And it helps them in their search for a cure.”

The MACC Fund was founded in 1976 by former Milwaukee Bucks player-turned-announcer Jon McGlocklin and play-by-play announcer Eddie Doucette, whose two-year-old son Brett had been diagnosed with cancer. The MACC Fund has raised a total of $63 million over the years for childhood cancer and blood disorder research.

The company’s donation was recently presented by Lily and Bailey Dove, the twin daughters of the company’s director of information security Ryan Dove, both of whom were diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia and have undergone treatment.

“Very little of all money raised for cancer research goes to pediatric cancer research,” Steiner said. “The MACC Fund is vital because it focuses only on the children. I’m so proud of this event for many reasons, but mostly because it gives kids with cancer and their families hope.”