Stritch education programs create servant leaders

The world could use more pavers.

Carving paths, removing obstacles, clearing the way, and smoothing over bumps, road pavers enable drivers to reach their destination.

Cardinal Stritch University is a training ground for “pavers” – people who provide direction and support, then get out of the way to allow others to move forward, achieve their goals, and find fulfillment.

Pavers, or servant leaders, gauge their work not based on their own success but on the capacity they build in the drivers, or their colleagues. Embracing an authentic servant leadership philosophy requires a deep commitment to others and serves as the foundation of everything leaders do and, more importantly, who they truly are at their core.

Stritch’s master’s and doctoral programs focus on leadership, learning and service through curriculums that challenge students to examine their core beliefs and personal perspectives of the world and then to step outside themselves to examine complex societal issues. The Master’s in Management and Leadership program prepares students to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives.

“The idea of transformation is not only that you’re earning an advanced degree, but you’ve been made different by examining your perspective on these issues,” said Dr. Darnell Bradley, Associate Professor in Stritch’s Doctorate in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service program. “It’s a differentiator in our program. We offer our students a unique way of looking at the world that’s going to separate them from other leaders.”

Servant leaders who subscribe to and practice the philosophy develop a fulfilled workforce that becomes deeply invested in the organization’s work and validated in their respective roles.

Servant leadership fits with the Franciscan values – creating a caring community, showing compassion, reverencing all of creation and making peace – at the heart of the Stritch experience.

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