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Preparing for the storm

Many people believe they’re ready, but they haven’t taken key steps to weather a coming financial crisis

Our weather’s a little chillier, and whether you’re attending a football game, picking apples, or on an autumn stroll, there’s no denying it: we’re entering some of Wisconsin’s most beautiful days.

For me, it’s hard to imagine the anguish our friends on the East Coast and Bahamas are experiencing. In a few days, Dorian didn’t just damage homes – it changed the topography of some regions.

In the wake of the devastation we’re seeing down south, I’m still seeing articles about folks who thought they could weather the storm without help. Some were simply ill-prepared for Dorian’s might.

One recent study showed that most people over age 50 think they’re prepared for a natural disaster or emergency circumstances – but haven’t taken care of critical activities that guard against things like long-term power outages or severe weather.

We see folks with the same outlook as we help them plan for their retirement. While most financial experts believe they see storm clouds of the next financial crisis gathering, many people believe they’re ready. But they haven’t taken key steps to make sure their financial plan could weather a storm.

Perhaps you’re one of the group that believes you’re ready to weather a potential recession without help. It’s easy to underestimate the value of an objective, comprehensive plan review – one that features both a “satellite” view and a detailed review of which steps are needed to insulate against a storm.

We’ve also helped folks who believe they have a certain tolerance for risk, but when financial winds start to pick up, are actually not as daring as they thought. Make sure you find an advisor who uses thorough testing and secure technology to ascertain your risk capacity.

No expert knows for sure if there’s a financial storm coming, or when it’s going to come. But it’s a good time to truly make sure you’re ready.

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Dave Spano - Annex Wealth Management
Dave is President and CEO of Annex Wealth Management.

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