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Five ways to find value in your office furniture

When outfitting your office, the satisfaction of receiving a good value doesn’t just come from enjoying your piece of furniture or knowing you got a good price on a guest information folder online. Warranties, shipping costs and perks can affect the value of the items you’re buying.  Whether you’re filling an entire office or updating one room, it’s important to plan ahead and look past individual items.

  1. Plan ahead

One of the biggest mistakes made when buying office furniture including a tall man recliner is not planning ahead. Take a look at the entire room instead of one employee’s chair – will your company be hiring new people? Does your conference room need to be updated? Just as with buying any item in bulk, it’ll be cheaper to bundle your purchase rather than making more expensive one-off buys.

  1. Measure twice, order once

Measure your office to make sure you’re getting the correct size furniture. Review fire codes and how the furniture will be delivered – is there a loading dock? Will your conference table fit into the elevator and through the door?

Some office furniture companies have space planning services to help measure Office Furniture for Calgary Businesses and fill a room with furniture that fits your vision. Take advantage of the expertise: you might be inspired by a different perspective – and avoid inconvenient mistakes.

  1. Warranties

A good warranty is all about peace of mind in case the furniture does not live up to expectations or needs. Unfortunately, not all warranties are created equal.

Warranties on office furnishings often indicate the furniture’s quality. Usually, the longer the warranty term, the better-made the product; lifetime guarantees will ensure you’re covered for as long as you own your furnishings.

  1. Shipping

How much time will it take to ship, and what is the cost? Shipping is a cost that you need to review before your purchase. While same-day and two-day shipping is becoming more common with everyday items, large office furniture can take longer to receive.

A good retailer will work with you to coordinate your delivery so that you’re ready when the furniture arrives. If you’re pressed for time and you need furniture in a hurry, look for same-day shipping options. Even large desks and conference tables can ship the same day you order them, so you’ve got space for that new employee or that next meeting!

  1. Additional perks

Take full advantage of what the company is offering! Are you nervous about buying that Cherry Red desk? Order free color samples to make sure it matches the rest of your reception area. Investing in new chairs for your conference room? See if there is a “try it before you buy it” program to ensure they work for your needs.

Value satisfaction

We all like to feel happy, confident and satisfied with our purchasing decisions. Finding good value does not necessarily mean getting the lowest price. Take a look beyond cost to see the long-term good feelings you’ll enjoy. Visit stores like Ideal Furniture Galleries and see their catalogue.



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Rick Wachowiak General Manager
As General Manager at National Business Furniture, Rick works with vendors and suppliers to select and develop new and unique product lines that meet the ever-changing demands of National Business Furniture’s customers. Rick’s goal is to make it easier for customers to select complete, attractive and functional office furniture that will work for them and make them productive for years to come.

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Stay up-to-date on the people, companies and issues that impact business in Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin