Financial wellness for employees

Happier, healthier employees make for happier, healthier companies.

Employees who are able to bring their whole self to work tend to be the most engaged and successful. Their authenticity is beneficial for your organization – and for the community or clientele you serve.

Yet for too many people, financial insecurities get in the way of building relationships and providing great care. Approximately 50 percent of people spend more than three hours per week dealing with personal financial matters while at work.

Financial wellness is a critical, yet often overlooked, employee benefit that helps keep your workplace competitive and your workforce sharp.

Financial Wellness for Employees by Summit is a free, flexible, easy-to-administer program for companies who understand the importance of overall employee well-being. 

It can be customized per employer to deliver top-notch financial education to employees in groups during work hours or individually during off hours.

To accommodate varying work schedules, employees can access online, on-demand money management tools on their own time or make appointments for financial coaching. 

To make it easy to implement, Summit provides communications to share with employees, and because the program is designed to serve a range of workplaces, it’s available in Spanish, too.

Partner with Summit for nationally recognized financial education that will help your employees face their financial realities with confidence and enhance your organization’s well-being.


Sarah Campagna is managing vice president of business development & financial empowerment at Summit Credit Union. Financial Wellness for Employees by Summit Credit Union is designed so that with a single program, each of your employees can learn to take the best next step to financial success. And then keep going.