Fight stress with healthy habits

1. Slow down. 

Plan ahead and allow enough time to getthe most important things done withouthaving to rush. 

2. Snooze more.

Try to get seven to nine hours of sleepeach night. To fight insomnia, addmindfulness and activity. 

3. Let worry go. 

The world won’t end if a few things fall offof your plate. Give yourself a break andjust breathe. 

4. Laugh it up.

Laughter makes us feel good. Don’t beafraid to laugh out loud, even whenyou’re alone. 

5. Get connected.

A daily dose of friendship is greatmedicine. Make time to call friends orfamily so you can catch up. 

6. Get organized. 

Use “to do” lists to help you focus on yourmost important tasks and take bigprojects one step at a time. 

7. Practice giving back.

Volunteer your time or spend time helpingout a friend. Helping others helps you. 

8. Be active every day. 

Exercise can relieve mental and physicaltension. Find something you think is funand stick with it. 

9. Give up the bad habits. 

Too much alcohol, tobacco or caffeinecan increase blood pressure. Cut back orquit to decrease anxiety. 

10. Lean into things you can change. 

Make time to learn a new skill, worktoward a goal, or to love and help others. 

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