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Whole Life Insurance As Investment Vehicle, Roth Rollover, Potential Recession’s Investment Impact


Annex Wealth Management’s Sarah Kyle and Randy Winkler, CFP® answer several Ask Annex questions:

“I had met with one of your wealth managers about nine months ago for a financial review. I decided to wait to make any financial moves. I have since been contacted by a few life insurance companies to purchase whole life insurance as an investment vehicle. One feature is that you can borrow on the policy, which is a type called non-direct recognition so the cash value is not reduced. They call the plan ‘Bank on Yourself’. Can you tell me, is this a realistic way to put some of my money in a less-risky place, or a really dumb idea? Thanks.” – Andrew

“How are Roth IRAs doing?” – Anonymous

“This is for my son. Is this true?” (His son said) “Starting a new job and will lose access to my employer plan. Since my Roth is down over 15%, can’t I roll it into a brokerage penalty-free, since I’m not receiving any gains?” – Glen

“I’m 42 with at least 15 years away from retirement. Is there any reason to change my investment approach with a potential recession on the way? I’ve looked at historical data and I’m confident of landing on the other side in good shape.” – Evan

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