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Wheel & Sprocket

TerraTrike announces dealer of the year

TerraTrike, maker of the world’s most comfortable recumbent trikes, announced their dealer of the year as Wheel & Sprocket.

Wheel & Sprocket is a bike shop that is filled with passionate people who are growing a business based on the premise that cycling simply makes life better. They have nine locations throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

“Wheel & Sprocket has been a great partner for many years and we are thrilled that they’ve been chosen to be our Dealer of the Year” says TerraTrike sales manager Steve Tanaka. “Even though their sales growth has been phenomenal, it’s their knowledge and commitment to the TerraTrike brand and their customers that put them over the top this year.”

“Trikes are super fun and are beloved by our customers. We’re honored to be TerraTrike’s dealer of the year:” says Noel Kegel, president of Wheel & Sprocket. “As a shop that embraces riders of all abilities and ambitions, the growth of 3-wheeled trikes over the past years speaks especially to the desire of baby boomers to stay active and safe as they enjoy their ride.”


Wheel & Sprocket
5722 S. 108th St.

Hales Corners, Wisconsin 53130

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