Managing a Design/Build Amid Shortages and Increases

ESI Group continues to be a leading resource for food facility owners

Rising costs, transportation backlogs, labor shortages, time delays, supply chain troubles, and more. All of these issues are plaguing the design/build industry, and ultimately trickle down to food facility owners looking to build or expand facilities.

“Product availability, lead times on raw materials and a large interruption in supply chain logistics has created the perfect storm for project delays,” says Jason Weber, project manager, ESI Group USA. “Owners have tasked us with being creative in this unprecedented situation we are all in.” 

Weber points to three critical ways in which owners and design/builders can work together to meet these challenges.

  1. Circumvent delivery windows – buy out an entire project early and store materials while waiting to begin construction. 
  2. Candid cost conversations – provide owners with documentation from vendors showing price increases.
  3. Start early – Begin construction documents while estimated costs are being developed.

When our clients succeed, we succeed. That’s what we’ve focused on for the last 30 years and will continue to focus on in the future.  

We take for granted the importance of food from farm to fork.

  • The health of our community impacts the ability to bring food to consumers.
  • Proper safety measures in the workplace will enhance production capabilities.
  • Well designed and maintained food facilities will stand the test of time.

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Jason started at ESI in 2000 working his way to senior design team leader. In 2018 he transitioned to ESI’s construction division and is working as a project manager. His wealth of knowledge of ESI’s services, client base and the industry make him an excellent resource for prospects and clients.