Designing and Building in Uncertain Times

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Last updated on May 27th, 2020 at 11:40 am

Food companies are in the spotlight now more than ever with COVID-19 creating additional production and distribution challenges beyond the usual food safety requirements they are faced with. Production stoppages or recalls are devastating, making employee health a primary focus to safely meet consumer demands.

These unique challenges might change how facility design will evolve or is approached. The sanitary design principals already in place give food facility owners a good starting point to develop further measures to operate efficiently/safely.

When designing a facility, ESI breaks down the areas by zone– ambient and refrigerated.

Zones of Control: 

1. The design should include a complete separation of production areas that have raw and ready-to-eat products.

2. This includes separate welfare areas for employees who handle either type of product. Including locker rooms, cafeterias, and additional support areas.

3. Separation is a key defense against the spread of COVID-19, but additional separation beyond what is required for food safety will be a tough hurdle. The additional separation in employee space still must keep them safe and still allow them to do their jobs.

4. Additional separation could impact how operating procedures are done resulting in more walls, doors, automated processes, interlocked spaces, and screenings for companies to get the job done.

For 28 years, ESI has been providing industry leaders with solutions to any food facility challenges.  To learn about temperature control, moisture control and cleanability go to

We take for granted the importance of food from farm to fork.

  • The health of our community impacts the ability to bring food to consumers.
  • Proper safety measures in the workplace will enhance production capabilities.
  • Well designed and maintained food facilities will stand the test of time.
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