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Wisconsin 275
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Carrie Thome

Emerging Industries  |  Venture Capital
Managing director
NVNG Investment Advisors  

Carrie Thome leads NVNG Investment Advisors, a Madison-based firm that works to connect corporate and institutional investors with venture opportunities. Last year, the firm closed on $40 million in its first capital fund of funds. Earlier this year, NVNG created a database to increase exposure of Wisconsin companies to national and international VC communities. Thome previously oversaw the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation’s $3 billion investment portfolio.

Education: Bachelor’s and master’s, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Book recommendation: “‘Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling’ by Edgar Schein, possibly because it was just given to me and is top of mind.”

Why are you most excited for the future: “Watching my four sons continue to develop and become successful young men. I am also excited by the idea of what we can build NVNG into over time.”

What would you change about Wisconsin: “The perception of what is considered risk and to seek more acceptance of the concept that it is OK to try and to fail, versus not trying at all. To be innovative is to take risk.”

Biggest risk: “Forgoing a continuing professional career as a chief investment officer, where I had success and a network and, instead, becoming an entrepreneur to build a new organization.”